The Steps of Quality Assurance Process

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    To implement quality control for an organization, you need to identify the steps of the quality assurance process . Some of the major steps of this process are discussed below.

    1. First and foremost, the project manager of the company has to create a team dedicated for quality control. This team will be responsible to evaluate and report on the evaluation regarding every part of the business. The team will be working neutrally and independently having authority and freedom of work, at each point of their operation. This team will be reporting to the senior management of the organization and keeping all results in safe file storage .
    2. Once the team is formed, the main responsibility of the team will be to define the tasks and assign them to respective persons. Some of these responsibilities are to review the products, tools, services as per the requirements, standards and guidelines, audit project processes, suggest various methods, standards or tools to be used in the project, report the outcome of the evaluation etc.
    3. The quality control team then defines the plans for the quality assurance process . Depending upon the nature of business the details of the plan might change, however the basis of the plan remains common for most of the businesses. Mostly the list includes quality objectives, defining the tests and verificational activities, process evaluation, defining the individual responsibility of the team member, identifying training requirements, budgeting and funding for quality control jobs, scheduling all activities, documenting and tracking etc.
    4. The next step of this process is to generate the testing procedures, checklists and related activities to explain the way quality control will be performed.
    5. The quality control team now has to perform according to the plan to ensure the next step of quality assurance process . By acquiring the resources to perform the procedures, the team starts evaluating the project. Tools required for this evaluation are identified depending on the nature of the project. Any non conformance with the standards or requirement are notified and reported to the appropriate department. The problems are then corrected and again sent for testing to the quality control team. This way, testing and correcting goes on, till the project is proven to be in conformance with the standard.
    6. The next step of quality assurance process is to identify the training requirement for the team members to perform the evaluation processes as specified in the quality control plan.
    7. The performance of the quality control team should be monitored regularly by the project manager against the quality control plan, schedule and budget. In case the progress of the quality control team does not satisfy, then corrective actions should be taken.
    8. The quality control activities and results are reviewed by the senior management of the organization and their stakeholders on regular intervals. Any non compliance or unsolved issue for the quality control procedure is taken care of by the senior management at this point of time.
    9. The team collects review information from various sources. Suggestions for improvement at any step of quality assurance process is accepted and implemented in the next session, if it satisfies the various limitations. Recommendations are accepted from any level of business for future use.
    10. The team refines the total process to give it a defined structure with quality control process descriptions, templates and checklists. This structure can be reused as a model for future or might become an example to other organizations.

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