Storage Units Are More Than Empty Space

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    When most of our customers think about self storage units, they are simply thinking about empty space.  When they think of our self storage units, they rarely think of all of the fun, crazy things that you can actually accomplish with a good self storage unit.  I mean, when you begin to think of your unit as an extra room in your house, or as a home away from home, then you are going to begin seeing it in a very different light, indeed.  Of course, if you are not used to thinking of your unit in this way, then you might want to make your way through this article very carefully.  By its conclusion, you are surely going to have a better sense of how people make use of their self storage units in unconventional ways.

    More and more, people are using their self storage units to store their large libraries.  I know that it may sound odd, here, but hear me out, reader.  Essentially, people are renting their units and installing tons of shelves in them.  Once they have installed their shelves, they set them up with their personal libraries, careful to be sure that they have access to all of their individual books.  Much of the time, people use these kinds of units as a sort of library on wheels.  They invite people out to their unit to take a look at their book collections, and you had better believe that they are having a ton of fun doing so.

    Of course, if you are looking to use your unit as more of a practice space, then you are not going to be disappointed.  In fact, many local bands are using their self storage units as practice spaces.  Concerned that they are going to have the cops called on them if they do not practice outside of residential areas, these bands have taken it upon themselves to make sure that they are not a nuisance.  Of course, they have to check in with their property managers before they begin to practice in their units, just to be sure that they are not violating any of the policies of the property that they have chosen.  Typically, though, property managers are going to allow for band practice so long as the band in question agrees to a few special rules.

    Other people, still, are using their self storage units as extra rooms in their home.  They literally outfit their self storage units with furniture and appliances, treating them very much like a standard apartment.  Of course, they, too, have to check in with their property managers to make sure that they are not in violation of any of the site policies.

    At the end of the day, reader, you are going to find that self storage units are actually a lot more versatile than you once thought possible.  So long as you are checking in with your property managers and making sure that you are not violating any of the rules of the site where you rent, then you can essentially do just about anything that you can imagine inside of your unit.  Just keep an open mind, reader, and you are going to be able to figure out a way to make use of a good self storage unit.

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