Self Storage Raises GREEN Awareness

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    Several years ago when a certain tall robotic like politician warned Americans about global warming during his presidential campaign, most Americans laughed in doubt. Few of these nonbelievers still exist today, but overall if a person ignores to implemented a green design plan at their home or place of business, he or she is looked at as nuttier then a fruitcake. Because scientist have proved that the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, and deforestation, for over the past 200 years, has caused the concentrations of heat trapping greenhouse gases to increase significantly in our atmosphere. Somewhat like the glass panels of a greenhouse, these gases prevent heat from escaping into space. Though greenhouse gases are necessary to life on earth as we know it because they keep the planet’s surface warmer than it otherwise would be, concentrations of these gases continue to increase due to human error. As a result, the ice caps are shrinking, the sea levels are rising, and the weather patterns are going haywire.

    The self storage industry has implemented voluntary and incentive base green design programs to help recover from and avoid environmental disaster. Some self storage businesses and self storage call centers have created a contest called Build It Green Design Challenge. Participant property managers are asked to submit an idea or design on how to make their self storage facility more environmentally green. It is a modest effort, but if every business in every industry challenged themselves with a green design program, the movement will become major league.

    In this environmental friendly day of age, it is amazing that many local governments still do not have a recycling pick up program in the works. But that doesn’t mean property managers have to succumb to their town’s green design limitations. It is not against the law to put forth your own recycling bins on your self storage property for you and your customers. Collect bottles and cans and bring them yourself to a recycle facility. Some recycle facilities pay good money for aluminum cans. Use that money to improve another green design or give it to a local charity in the self storage business’s name.

    With climate change and skyrocketing energy costs, it’s no wonder many manufactures are promoting energy efficient products. Stroll through any major home improvement retailer and you’re sure to find hundreds of Energy Star products. If you want your self storage business  to earn a star, it’s time to create a green design to make the business more energy efficient. Choice of materials and location, indoor air quality, water usage, and emissions all attribute energy efficiency.

    If you are not doing your part to save the environment, it is not too late to join. There are many small green design steps you can take that add up to huge differences. Set up an energy target and stay under it; replace broken appliances such as microwaves, air conditioners, and dishwashers with Energy Star appliances; put in energy saving light bulbs and mechanical systems. But the best way to get started is to get educated and become aware of green design  programs.

    Written by Kurt Schellenberger

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