Objectives of Mystery Shopping Associations

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    A mystery shopping association is usually formed to improve the quality of service provided through this occupation. More than 200 companies have been engaged with these associations to establish latest or scientific ways of dealings and improving their standard of service. The association includes a variety of companies starting from market research and merchandising, to training organizations and shopping service providers. Any newcomer in this industry can join this association, as a shopper or member, to be benefited from various opportunities. The association is always open to help both the parties.

    The basic objectives of any mystery shopping association are described below.

    1. These associations want to set up professional standards and ethics for the industry. This set of standards will help the industry to grow up independently and honorably. It will also help to eradicate the scams related to this industry.
    2. The association also likes to train the service providers, professional shoppers and their ultimate clients to become more efficient and systematic with the shopping projects. This initiative will take all these people one step ahead for improving quality of service.
    3. Another pertinent objective of the association is to improve the reputation of the industry, by strengthening public relations and defining line of conducts for all parties related to this industry. Time to time, various unwanted incidents related to this industry have made this profession less reliable among the people.
    4. A mystery shopping association also likes to endorse its members to other business associates and to their prospective clients. This effort will generate more service opportunities, which will ultimately help all the people, who are professionally attached to this industry. The clients will be able to receive dedicated service. The shopping companies will be able to employ sincere shoppers and the shoppers will receive genuine opportunities to work on.


    The members of this mystery shopping association are benefited to a great extent. Some of these advantages are given below.

    1. Being a member, the shopping companies do not need to advertise for employing shoppers. Thus, they can save money on this area. They can also choose from the list of certified shoppers, who are attached to the association.
    2. The shopping companies can communicate with many potential customers, through the association. This increases the chance of getting more retail, self storage or other work.
    3. The members can also join the committee, which deals with the planning and developing process for the industry.
    4. The members can communicate with the other members, to enrich their experience and knowledge by exchanging their thoughts.
    5. The mystery shopping association membership puts an elite stamp on your shopping company. This reputation helps to receive better assignments and sincere shoppers, which improves the business.
    6. The members can receive discounts for annual conferences and educational programs organized by the association.
    7. Members can access the special links to be informed on various legal and tax issues.
    8. The members can also avail the networking opportunities with other industry members.
    9. The association helps the members to educate their clients and shoppers, to follow the latest rules and regulations of the industry.
    10.  By joining the email list, the members can exchange information on various important issues, in minimum time.


    The associated shoppers can also avail various facilities from the association. Particularly, the certification from the association helps the shoppers to get legitimate assignments on a regular basis.

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