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    A quality manager, also known as quality monitoring manager, is the main position involved in a QA job. This quality guarantee professional in any organization is responsible for developing and implementing quality management procedures and systems. To put it simply, it means that this person in charge of quality monitoring and assurance has to ensure that all products manufactured or marketed by a company are free from any flaws or errors and are of the highest quality.

    Today, quality monitoring and guarantee job opportunities are available in a wide range of industries like manufacturing, self-storage, engineering, real estate, transport, construction, petrochemicals, food production and the public service sector.

    Work Environment

    Most often, the role on a quality manager in a company is determined by the type of industry. However, the quality assurance job description in many industries may feature certain similarities.

    The main function of quality guarantee manager in any company is to ensure the smooth progress of manufacturing and marketing products. He or she should understand the processes in the company and then establish a rapport with the line staff to get the inside knowledge of the various processes involved, how they work and what could possibly go wrong at different steps. This would give him an insight of the maximum amount of work that can possibly be done in a single shift while keeping up the high standards of work.


    Defining quality policies and interacting with the production manager also falls under quality assurance job description . This is to ensure that the existing standards of production are satisfactory and follow safety regulations. A quality manager checks the past records of production to review if the existing standards will continue to bring in more customers. In many companies, teams of quality professionals are authorized to inspect products that are fresh out of the production line. Such an inspection is to ensure the required quality standards.

    The Basic Responsibilities Handled By A Quality Manager Involve

    • To review business statistics.
    • To determine and document any areas that may need improvement.
    • Inspecting and sampling the entire manufacturing process is another part of quality assurance job description .
    • To review the current policies and improvise plans to improve upon the existing quality standards.
    • To review and analyze the effectiveness of the modifications made.
    • To ensure that all procedures within the company conform to health and safety regulations, financial policies and legislation such as equal opportunity.
    • To educate the sales and marketing departments regarding the specific requirements of clients. 


    Quality monitoring and assurance managers undoubtedly play a key role in the success of a company. They mostly carry out support functions in the production and manufacturing sectors. Very often, taking charge of productions processes and quality systems is also a part of this job description. 

    General Skills Required - quality managers must ideally possess qualities like

    • Effective communication and report writing skills.
    • Good negotiation skills with customer-oriented attitude.
    • Excellent analytical abilities to grasp the key points from complicated details.
    • Good leadership capabilities to lead projects to successful completion.
    • Basic knowledge of applicable software to infer statistical data.
    • Familiarity with the tools, concepts and methodologies of quality management.


    QA jobs obviously vary as every company deals with a different product. However, the general concept remains the same. For candidates, with an eye for detail and a desire for continuous improvement, who satisfy the job description, this career can be an immensely satisfying one.

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