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  • Food Quality Assurance – Extremely Important
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    It nearly goes without saying that food quality assurance is a fairly serious industry. Indeed, when you set out to allow someone else to prepare your food, you have to be able to rest assured that it is not going to make you sick. Of course, food quality assurance teams set out to make sure, beyond a reasonable doubt that public dining facilities are not going to spread any harmful diseases. Here, then, you should allow yourself a little bit of time to consider precisely how these teams act to keep you safe. No doubt, by the end of this article you are going to have a greater appreciation for all of the work that goes into landing that steak on your restaurant table.

    Food quality assurance has to start at the source, of course. Farmers, meat providers, and the like, are all going have to have their own quality protection programs in place. Farmers, for example, have to take active steps to make sure that the quality of their food is good. They, more than the rest of us, rely on the quality of their food, as they are not going to be able to sell it and support themselves if it is known to spread disease. As such, most of these farmers are going to have their own labs on site. They are going to maintain rigorous testing schedules, guaranteeing that the foods that they ship out are not going to hurt any consumers.

    Of course, in order to keep us even more protected, other food quality assurance teams are in place as well. Indeed, the efforts of many, many professionals lie in making sure that our public restaurants are keeping up with health code standards. In this day and age, you cannot eat at a restaurant that does not have to undergo routine inspections. These inspections, of course, are going to make sure that all of the equipment that is used to prepare food is staying nice, safe, and clean. Moreover, these teams are going to make sure that the cleaning products used by the staff of the restaurant are, themselves, very safe. Typically speaking, they are going to inspect dishwashers, making sure that the water is hot enough, and that they do not leave any harmful cleaning agents behind on silverware and glasses. Of course, these teams are also going to inspect walk in freezers, freezers, and ovens, making sure that they are all operating well. Finally, these teams are going to make sure that the final products, the food themselves, are perfectly safe for consumption. They are going to inspect every part of the preparation process, and the final product of said process, just to make sure that you, the consumer, are able to stay safe.

    At the end of the day, we all owe it to the food quality assurance teams. We all dine out from time to time, and as such, it is important to recognize and commend the efforts of these teams. Of course, if this article has sparked your interest in becoming a member of a food quality assurance team, then you can simply search for a few of them on the internet and apply for one that is in your area. If you have any interest in performing a vital function for your local community, you are going to find that this kind of job is deeply satisfying.

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  • Importance of Food Quality Assurance Systems
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    Food quality assurance has gained importance in the past few years with the food industry also following the quality monitoring and management system as per strict guidelines. Quality guarantee has become a necessary component of the food service business with the adoption of analysis and control systems for food safety. Hence, anybody, who is getting in to food industry or is already in to it, needs to know about the various techniques that are meant to assure the quality of food as per the laid down norms and procedures.  

    Need For Food Quality Assurance
    Some reasons for the implementation of food quality assurance programs are

    • Customer expectations - Today the customers have become more demanding and knowledgeable. They are more concerned about the ingredients of the food products and hence maintaining optimum quality standards in food industry has become very necessary.
    • Environmental concerns - Nowadays, people are more concerned about the environment. Environment protection laws have also become stringent. Hence, employing environmental friendly methods in the food industry has become necessary. QA plays a big role in all this.
    • Organic Foods – There is more demand for organic foods because people have realized the ill effects of in-organic foods like damage to the environment and health. Hence quality monitoring and guarantee ensures that the chemicals are within the specified limits in any food product.
    • Technology - With the development in technology, various methods for food processing and other food related activities have emerged. These methods provide safer and higher quality food to the customers. Today all organizations related to food have to ensure good quality systems to compete in the market.
    • Regulatory requirements - Food being a critical element of life, the regulatory agencies have also put in place stringent requirements for its safety and quality. Here also food quality assurance
    • Programs help the food industry to meet these requirements consistently and deliver food that is fit for consumption.


    Most of the organizations dealing with food and allied products have built their quality monitoring and guarantee systems based on requirements of standardization and analysis. This ensures that they fulfil the requirements related to food quality as well as food safety and hence give confidence to the consumers.

    The standardization quality management system is focused on building the quality system through standard documentation, processes and periodic audits – internal as well as external. The corrective and preventive actions taken for closure of the non-conformities found during the audits make sure that the organizations quality system is continually improving.

    The analysis makes sure that the safety aspects are taken care of through its various perquisites programs for premises and facilities, sanitation and cleaning, personnel training, hygiene and practices, pest control program, equipment program and so on. The analysis system is based on seven principles that include – hazard analysis, identifying critical control points, determining critical limits, developing monitoring procedures, developing corrective action procedures, developing verification procedures and developing record-keeping procedures.

    In short, food quality assurance programs, based on the two systems of standardization and analysis, cover all the aspects related to food quality and safety such as the farming and food production, packaging and distribution and retail and catering, and hence provide confidence to the consumers.

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